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577102_4077713787517_1751677254_nI’m Ann, The Mom and wife of two FANTASTIC fun-filled girls and an AMAZING husband here in New England.I have a love for food and the joy of photography keeps me pretty busy. Whether I am busy learning new recipes , cooking , baking, taking pictures of my family and food, or browsing through vintage/antique shops, through it all they all bring me so much joy and sometimes even gives me goosebumps from the excitement.
I decided to get into blogging when I realize how much I was baking and cooking and just being “the crazy mom cook ” in the kitchen . I especially knew I had a love for food and cooking when I would be up in the middle of the night baking or cooking. My husband would see me talking to myself in the kitchen as I would prepare my ingredients and he would ask me ” Are you talking to your audience? ” . Then it hit me I should be blogging all of this and sharing this with the people that have a love for food as much as I do. I am here to share with you my food photos, my recipes, my trial and errors and hope that you enjoy.

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32 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. You have an absolutely lovely blog! Love all the recipes! I wanted to thank you for signing up to follow my blog! Please do take some time to check out my recipes. Just click on the category “In the Kitchen” to check them out! Thanks again! – B

  3. cool blog you have going here, ann. i love your photos, and you seem to embrace that “homestyle” cooking that i only wish i could pull off.

    keep up the awesome work. i’ll be sure to pop in and see what you are up to from time to time.

  4. Have you heard of the Liebster award? It’s given to blogs with a small following to help them get more views. I really enjoy reading your blog and just received the award myself, I have nominated you for the next award. If you would like to accept the award then please read my blog post http://sweetdashofsass.com/2014/01/18/sweet-dash-of-sass-liebster-award/ for more info. Look forward to reading more of your posts.
    —- Sara @ Sweet Dash of Sass

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