Go Ninja Aerial Fitness

,,,When I first heard of the class Go Ninja Aerial Circus Class at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s Gym through the June Event for the Blog & Tweet NH group I thought well sign me up. This looks like its going to be a fun class to try . The whole silk ribbon workout definitely got my attention as I thought this could be something new to try.
When I first arrived I was nervous because I didn’t know what I was in for and knowing my body, I can’t even climb a flight of stairs. LOL. I surely didn’t want to embarrass myself. As I arrived I was met by Allie,Janine, and Jaime.photo...
Our instructor Heather at first gave us the whole shapil on Go Ninja which then lead to a great pre warm up . We did a little skipping a little jogging along with brief intro about ourselves. Then it was time ,finally we were slowly learning about silk ropes. Heather was great at explaining each move and very patient being that we were “newbies”. She made sure she stood by us until well I guess you can say ” A’s” it .Heather showed us all kinds of moves on the silks before going through them one step at a time.photo....</al

untitled.;photo10 I can tell you there is definitely one move I wont forget for the simple fact I felt like I was going to die . Lol and that was the “pigeon pose” . Hanging upside down and doing all these moves with my legs, my thighs , hands. I mean I felt like I was going to drop but heather reassured me that I was not going anywhere as the ropes were secured around my waist my thighs etc..photo, That was some experience .An experience that I will definitely be doing again.
This class was great and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great workout and something different. I can tell you it was a workout but I didn’t realize until the next morning when I woke up and boy was I soar . I think I worked every bone in my body .The experience was worth it !!!


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