Chunky Tuna Salad on Cucumber Slices

_MG_2052aI wouldn’t really consider this a ‘recipe” but I figured any ingredients that has to be mixed together is a recipe in “my book”. I called it “Chunky” tuna salad .It reminds me of my mom. When I was younger I would only eat my mother’s tuna salad, just like I would only eat my moms eggs .She made my eggs just the way I like it well well done!! Back to the tuna , she always said” I’m making a chunky tuna salad’ and that’s because when she added her veggies in her tuna salad they were always nice and chunky in the salad . So now when ever I’m making a tuna salad I think of my mom and make it nice and chunky, with the tomatoes,onions ,and celery.

1 5oz can tuna fish (water drained)
2 tablespoons relish
2 tablespoons tomatoes chopped
2 tablespoons red onion chopped
2 tablespoons celery chopped
2 teaspoons herb seasoning
salt&pepper to taste
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1 whole cucumber sliced

Mix all the above ingredients together except the cucumber.Top your sliced cucumber with about a tablespoon of tuna salad .


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