Banana Me Crazy with Caramel

Looking at all these bananas I have here and not to mention I was craving banana bread. I happen to find a great recipe for Caramel Banana Cake on thekitchn and I just wanted to drool . I did composed myself. I was so excited I was hoping to have all the ingredients that I needed to prepare this banana cake, and wait! What was I thinking?? When don’t I have a whole load of baking ingredient in my pantry.
This banana cake was not only super moist but the homemade caramel sauce was an added bonus. I can tell you my oldest daughter is not a big fan of bananas ,actually she’s not a fan of bananas at all. I think this particular cake may have just won my daughter. She not only ate most of the cake but she ate the last slice. I think it was the homemade caramel sauce that’s swirled in the cake. Although the recipe uses a homemade buttercream,  I opted out and just made the homemade caramel sauce and drizzled the sauce all over the cake, slice bananas on top and a little powdered sugar and I was drooling some more !!


I will definitely give this cake a thumbs up as it is so divine and yummy. I will be making this cake again .
Don’t forget to check this recipe at thekitchn  




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